what we do

We’re really good at planning & buying ads to help brands reach the right user with the right message at the right time. From media strategy to performance optimization -- from paid search to programmatic -- we take a holistic view of digital advertising to deliver profitable results.


We help our clients figure out what to do, or how to do it better.


Display Ads
We're really good at buying stuff that works well together.


 We start & amplify the conversation for our clients.


We help our clients get found more often by the people they want.


Creative Design
We make brands come to life with beautiful design and engaging copy.


We can create a brand new site, or refine an existing.

how we think

Most agencies are good at Facebook & Google… We are too. We’ve also spent decades building strategic partnerships beyond the ‘duopoly,’ which we use to help build sustainable and scalable advertising programs for our clients to reach new audiences and scale.


who we are

We know our name isn’t grammatically correct… but it’s who we are. Approachable. Plain spoken. A Digital Marketing Agency without all the confusing acronyms. We have decades of experience leading marketing teams and running multi-channel ad campaigns.

We’ve worked with some of the largest brands at the industry’s top agencies & publishers. Now we use that experience to help everyone else!

Jeff Ventre

Beardor,  Founding Partner


If Jeff had a middle name... well actually he does. Jeff's venerable background includes media buying for major agencies and strategic operations at Fortune 500 companies.

Jason Kaufman

Biker,  Founding Partner

Jason's expertise spans decades and belies his youthful exterior. He brings leadership expertise in roles with huge online retailers, major publishers and communication technology.

how can we help?

Have a problem you need solved, or a project you want to collaborate on?

Just looking for an excuse to meet for beers at Nightshift?

Let's figure out a way to work together!